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TE Nash Claims Commission

Thompson Edward Nash and Elizabeth Nash

Thompson E. Nash was a minister who contributed land for the County Line Methodist Church (now County Line Congregational Christian Church), and also served as postmaster of Fosterville, which at that time apparently was located on McDonough Road near the County Line Methodist Church or possibly near Walnut Creek. Thompson Nash must have fared very well with his Henry County farm over the next ten years. In 1856 and 1858, he purchased the 270 acres from his brother, Elihu, for $1,750, to which he added 80 acres on the west side of Land Lot 102 (see Figure 9) (HCSC 1856: DB O:619; 1858: DB:616, 617). By 1860, he owned 26 slaves and was one of the largest slaveholders in Clayton County. His real estate was valued at over $20,000; and his personal estate, which included the slaves, was valued at over $21,000. He lived with his wife Elizabeth Shaw Nash and their 8 children (U.S. Bureau of the Census 1860).

In 1858, Clayton County was created, and Land Lot 122 became a part of that county. It is not clear if Thompson Nash moved to the property he purchased from his brother or remained on his earlier farm on the north side of the road. According to the family Bible, “about 1855 he built a new house and moved the old house where it now stands near the church.” This presumably refers to the County Line Church, just to the northeast of the Nash Farm. If the date is correct, the new house would have been built on the original farm north of McDonough Road; and the fact that the old house was moved when the new one was built suggests that the new house was built on or near the site of the old one. However, the date is given as an estimate, and it may be that that the new house was built on the property he purchased from his brother. This is supported by the fact that Thompson Nash is listed in Clayton County in the 1860 census, while his old farm would have still been in Henry County (Brown n.d; U.S. Bureau of the Census 1860).

During the reconstruction period, Thompson E. Nash filed a claim with the Southern Claims Commission. This claim was filed on September 25, 1871.

The text below is a transcript of the hand written document that was filed with the commission.

That the prices charged are the fair market value at the time and place, last mentioned as your petitioner believe that the supplies were taken for the use of the Army of the United States. Said property and supplies were taken on or about 20th to 21st day of August 1864 by the soldiers of Kilpatricks Cavalry while said Army was on a raid from near Atlanta Georgia via McDonough through Henry County Georgia to the M &W railroad in Clayton County Georgia all the aforesaid property was taken by said soldiers except items 1st 8th 9th and 10th which was taken by soldiers of the main Army of the United States commanded by General Sherman and his subordinate officers said items were taken by the soldiers of General Sherman from the 1st thru 5th day of September 1864 while on the flank movement of said Army from near Atlanta Georgia to Jonesboro Georgia. General Sherman being in command of the United States forces at the time and place it began in Clayton, County, Georgia. near the residence of your Petitioner said property and supplies were taken by the soldiers of said Armies and carried to the camps and other places where the soldiers were stationed and appropriated for the use and comfort of the Army of the United States. There was no voucher or script or other writing given in receipt of said supplies, the above facts are stated upon your petitioner’s own knowledge.