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Lt. Griscom’s Account of Battle

Lt. Griscom’s diary account of charge at Nash Farm

Skirmish & Battle

August 20, 1864 – Moved up at light through Jonesboro – have Capt. Wells buried – follow the enemy on the McDonough road – 3rd Texas skirmished with them 2-1/2 hours driving them off – Brigade pursuing until 10-1/2 AM coming up with them near Lovejoy where Reynolds’s Infantry was fighting them in front & engaged them briskly as cavalry & then dismount & deploy – bring up battery & play on their charge & drive in their skirmishers but their main line repulses us – & we are charged in turn by 3 heavy columns of Cavalry & a heavy line of Infantry stampeding our horses & running through our Brigade capturing the battery after a stubborn resistance some ambulances & a number of horses – the Brigade acted most gallantly householders & all fighting them hand to hand & giving away when overpowered – finally fall back to the timber & as soon as their column passed again took the field and commenced assembling – gathering up nearly all the men and horses – losing but a few & not a man killed in the charge (55) –